Our Professional Fees

We feel it is in our mutual interest that the position regarding the funding of your case is explained.

We work out our fees on the basis of time spent by our staff in respect of the case. This includes advising, meeting the client and others, dealing with the documentation, correspondence, and telephone calls, carrying out research as well as preparing for any hearing to include travelling and time spent waiting at the courts etc. However, our fees do not include disbursements incurred on your behalf i.e., Counsel’s fees, Court fees or expenses incurred in obtaining reports / expert opinions etc.

We keep our clients informed of the current level of the costs incurred at any one time by the delivery of the interim bills and it is our usual practice to submit interim bills at three monthly intervals without further reference to you, or alternatively, invoice can be delivered to you on your request.


Fixed Fee Arrangements:

A fixed fee is payable on the perusal and consideration of your documents and conducting your representation. This also covers the cost of any correspondence, telephone calls, etc., that are made on your behalf. However, if the matter requires further oral representations to the Superior Courts / Tribunals and becomes more complex, then further costs will be discussed.

If at any time before the completion of the matter you wish to withdraw your instructions then we will calculate our cost on non-fixed fee basis.


Non – Fixed Fee Arrangements:

Unless and until an alternative fee arrangement has been agreed and confirmed in writing, the calculation of our fees is described below.

These rates are reviewed from time to time and therefore, if this matter has not been concluded before the date of the next review, they will change and we shall attempt to inform you of the new rates which will apply to work done from the date of the review as soon as they have been set.

Solicitor Directors and Litigation Managers : £201.00 per hour

Solicitors and legal executives with over :£177.00 per hour 4 years post qualification experience Including at least 4 years litigation experience Other Solicitors and legal executives and : £146.00 per hour fee earners of equivalent experience

Trainee solicitors, paralegals and other fee : £111.00 per hour earners Both incoming and outgoing routine letters and routine telephone calls will be charged as units of 1/10th of an hour.



By instructing us you authorise us to use our discretion in instructing counsels, experts etc., to conduct your matters and to incur disbursements on your behalf i.e., Counsel’s fees, Court fees or expenses incurred in obtaining reports / expert opinions etc.

Fee Agreed

You may be eligible for legal aid, however we do not have legal aid franchise and your matter is privately funded that means you are responsible for the payments of our fees and all disbursements.

In each case we agree with our client fix fee OR hourly rate and the start working on the file. Our hourly rate as mentioned above in this matter. Please note that our fees are exclusive of any VAT & disbursement.

We offer professional service with very reasonable fees and flexible payment terms for all of our clients. If you cannot afford to pay our fee in full at the time of your instructions, we are happy to accept half of the agreed fee at the time of initial instructions with the balance to be paid via monthly instalments. Our agreed fee covers all the work until we receive a written decision for the stage of the application or appeal for which you have instructed us. Please be advised that having agreed fixed fee, if you withdraw your instructions, we will not issue any refund. Our fees for various applications, appeals and Judicial reviews  etc are given in the tables below:

Type of Application

Our Fee Start From (Ex. VAT)