Below is a list of some of the research and publications our leading solicitors have been involved with.

Research and Publications

Mr Mazhar Aslam (Solicitor) is B. Sc (Physics & Mathematics), LLB Additionally he holds M.A. Economics and LLM in International Business Law (University of the Manchester). During his practice he was dealing all areas of Law for example Civil, Criminal, private client, Asylum Law, Nationality, immigration, Family, Conveyancing and Personal Injury, Human Rights, ECHR and practice. Mr Mazhar Aslam is also advocate of High Court of Pakistan.

International Human Right Law

Comparative study about, Rights theories, Legal Theories, UDHR, ECHR, African charter on Human Rights, American Charter on Human Rights and UK Human Rights Act 1998.

“Comparative analysis of protection of Human rights In ECHR and European Union”

Corporations in International Law

Company Law, United Kingdom (Company Act 2006), Directors Duties, Corporate Governance, Legal personality, future of Company Law, Take Over and Mergers.

“Profit maximisation the aim of Company”

Comparative Corporate Governance

Comparative study of Corporate Governance Systems in the UK, USA, EU, Japan, Germany, China, Pakistan and rest of the world

“Comparative Analysis of Corporate Governance Systems of UK and Germany” Corporate Governance

Director’s duties, Fiduciary duties, Convergence or Divergence

“Codetermination Corporate Governance System in Germany”

International Economic Law

Critical study about, International Treaties, International environmental law, International Law, WTO, IMF, World Bank, and other world organisations

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